Welcome To Ak Exteriors and Whoopee Bowl Antique Mall

We are one of the southwest's largest sources of aluminum outdoor lighting and antiques. But what we do is not limited to only those items. Quite often you can find rare collectibles in our stock to include such items as original stained glass windows, antique gambling tables, curio cabinets, signs, wagons,  etc. If there is something you are thinking you might like to have but don't know where to find it, give us  a shot at it, we just may surprise you.

Our goal is to provide a quality product to anyone and  everyone that has the desire to portray their individualism in an architectural or decorative manner. We believe in what we do and strive to vary our offerings with the demand of the times.

We stand behind our products. We use what we sell, from the star washers that were used when assembling our "barn" to the three tier fountain sitting in the middle of our greenhouse. We don't expect any less out of a product than you would, and are confident that you'll agree with our assessment. We also enjoy our antiques, so if there's something really different that you are thinking about -- give us a shout!